MOOC on Designing Smart Specialisation Strategies

The offers an overview of the concept and concrete methods allowing the design and application of a smart specialisation strategy on the regional and national scale.

OrganiserBAK S3 Association


General information

The smart specialisation concept, originally developed by D. Foray (EPFL), P. David (Stanford) and B. Hall (Berkeley) within the framework of a European Commission Expert Group, involves both a general innovation policy concept and a method designed to operationalize this concept. This method enables regions to design a regional innovation policy to encourage the emergence and growth of innovation microsystems in the selected sectors.

This course is especially intended for public policymakers on the regional, national and international levels, in Europe, North America and Asia. It is also meant for those responsible for development policies, in Africa or South America for example. It is then targeted at experts and analysts who develop consulting services in this domain. And finally it is for Master and PhD students and researchers in the fields of economics and innovation and economic policy and spatial and regional policy.

The MOOC is composed of five modules, each comprising four to five units (of approximately 10 minutes each). The course will last twelve weeks. At the end of each module, an evaluation is proposed. This will be essentially based on the analysis of regional cases, experienced or observed by participants. Policymakers and experts will be invited to present and share cases they have managed themselves or in which they have participated. Students and researchers will be invited to propose cases identified in the course of their research work.

Registration deadline: 07 January 2018

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