Honorary President

Dr. Christoph Koellreuter

Dr. Christoph Koellreuter is Honorary President of BAK Economics AG. He was a co-founder in 1980, was Director and Chief Economist until 2007 and Chairman of the Board of Directors of BAK until 2009.

Dr. Christoph Koellreuter and his colleagues developed the International Industry Forecasting Service for multinational companies in Europe on the basis of self-developed econometric quarterly models. This marked the first phase of BAK from 1980 to 1995.

In response to the intensified global competition for locations since the beginning of the 1990s, BAK began to develop an international regional benchmarking process, which from 2003 onwards increasingly dealt with metropolitan regions - especially the metropolitan region of Basel.

Dr. Christoph Koellreuter has remained true to his passion to make a contribution to mastering the challenges of the global competition for locations, also with the foundation he co-founded in 2014, Fondation CH2048 - Alliance for a globally competitive and responsible Switzerland.

Dr. Christoph Koellreuter, who can look back on many years of lecturing experience from 1980 to the present, will continue to be available as a speaker for BAK and on topics dealt with by the Fondation CH2048.

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