Company Portrait

Economic analyses as a contribution to «Evidence Based Decision Making»

BAK Economics AG (BAK) is an independent Swiss economic research institute, which completes comprehensive economic studies and makes the findings of these studies useful for politics, business and society

Macroeconomic, regional and sector-specific questions on an empirical and quantitative basis are the focus of BAK's analyses. These include macroeconomic forecasts and scenarios, regional analyses and industry studies, impact assessments (economic footprint) and studies in the field of public finances. BAK also measures the regional location quality and competitiveness (BAK Regional Economic Database) and establishes a basis for strategic action on the basis of international benchmarking analyses.

BAK supports and advises clients on customer-oriented communication, thus enabling the results to be conveyed in the most effective way - whether through pointed presentations, specially created websites or meetings.

Independent since 1980

BAK was founded in 1980 as a «Basler Arbeitsgruppe für Konjunkturforschung (BAK)», a spin-off from the University of Basel. Since 1987, the economic research institute has the legal form of a stock corporation under Swiss law and is economically, politically and scientifically independent.

The management consists of the long-term employees Marc Bros de Puechredon (management, chairman), Martin Eichler (management, chief economist) and Michael Grass (member of management). Domenico Scala (President), Dr. Peter Burckhardt Marc Bros de Puechredon and Martin Eichler form the Board of Directors.

The scientific advisory board accompanies BAK in terms of methodology and model development, and promotes cooperation with universities and research partners. BAK cooperates with Swiss research institutes (WWZ of the University of Basel, ETH Zurich, ETH Lausanne) as well as with international partners (Council of Europe, Oxford Economics, ZEW Mannheim).

The mixture of an intelligence company, economic research company and a business research institute makes BAK a unique company that has established itself through its qualitative work and extensive experience in the market.