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The Importance of the Pharmaceutical Industry for Switzerland

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The pharmaceutical industry is the backbone of the Swiss export industry. In 2014 pharmaceutical exports amounted to approximately CHF 71 billion, which means that about one third of the money earned abroad by the Swiss industry is attributable to pharmaceuticals. With real growth in value creation averaging 9.4 percent a year, the sector has contributed significantly to the economic growth in Switzerland over the past two decades. In the course of its expansion, the industry’s macroeconomic importance has continued to grow steadily. Nominal gross value added in excess of CHF 25 billion in 2014 represented a share of 4 percent of the economy overall. The pharmaceutical industry has around 41,800 employees accounting for approximately 0.8 percent of all jobs. Companies from other sectors are also benefiting considerably from the economic success of the Swiss pharmaceutical industry. As illustrated by a macroeconomic impact analysis, additional value added of CHF 19.5 billion, affecting around 139,000 jobs, wasgenerated in other sectors in 2014 as a result of the economic activities of the pharmaceutical companies.

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