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BAK supports and advises clients with individual contract studies in order to provide well-founded answers to specific questions. We develop questions and goals and deliver results that are tailored to the respective needs.

Just as well-founded scientific methods are the basis of our work, the practical preparation of our investigations is of central importance. It is based on the fact that the focus and presentation of our studies are oriented towards the practicability of the knowledge gained. We thus guarantee our clients projects of high scientific quality, which can be used directly for the strategic process and business decisions.

BAK's proven offering comprises macroeconomic, regional and industry-specific questions on an empirical and quantitative basis, which are the focus of our analyses. These include macroeconomic forecasts and scenarios, regional analyses and industry studies, economic footprints and public finance studies.

Get a first impression of the BAK studies on reports & studies, we will be happy to advise you on specific questions.

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