Macro forecasts

Macro forecasts

AK Economics has been developing macroprognoses (on a quarterly basis) for the Swiss economy as part of an international network with Oxford Economics. The forecasts are characterized by their model-based foundation - which also explicitly takes into account international factors of influence - as well as a deep differentiation with regard to the macroeconomic parameters.

The macroprognoses are created in the user-friendly software of Oxford Economics. At the same time, there is the possibility for the Swiss national economy to carry out numerous consistent scenarios and simulations within the framework of an econometrically sound model. At the same time, the macroprognoses form the framework for the further prognosis models, BAK's sectoral, Swiss regional, building construction or consumer and retail trade.

The macroprognoses are published regularly in the publication CH-PLUS. Of course, there is also the possibility to refer to the forecasts as individually tailored data deliveries.


In addition, BAK provides free cyclical data series for academics in collaboration with the Swiss National Bank on the iconomix economics course. The corresponding time series can be found under the following link.

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