Tourism forecasts

Based on statistical-economic models, BAK Economics prepares forecasts for tourism regions. These indicate to the actors of the tourism sector the expected developments in demand. In doing so, they are improving the operational planning of the companies and the planning of the public sector. Tourism forecasts provide central decision-making bases to make the tourism sector even more focused on the new and future challenges of the world market. The tourism forecast models are embedded in the model world of BAK. This model family includes a forecast model for the global economy (multi-country model), an industry model (international), a macromodel for Switzerland, a Swiss regional model (including branch differentiation) and a series of sub-region models specified as «common».

Tourism forecast Information

Reference project: Forecasts for Swiss tourism
In the years 2000 to 2014, BAK commissioned the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (seco) twice a year to prepare «Forecasts for Swiss tourism». The forecasts for Swiss tourism also included the forecasts for Swiss holiday regions. In addition to the number of hotel overnight stays, the value added in the guest industry, the transport revenues of the Swiss mountain railways and the tourism exports were also forecast.

Forecast for Swiss tourism