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An important factor for the development of companies are sector-specific influences that BAK has been analyzing since 1980. This is about sector-specific forecasts and risk analyzes or the influence of structural relationships or economic policy conditions. In addition to the ongoing analysis of the key sectors from the export sector (life sciences, tourism, MEM, financial services) as well as large domestic industries (retail, construction), model-based forecasts are drawn up for all statistically recorded sectors. The broad model and analysis infrastructure also serves as a starting point for in-depth analyzes of company-specific questions and the development of solutions for companies.

Industry Analysis Information

The four most important Swiss export industries
The four most important Swiss export industries, the life sciences, technology, finance and tourism, are increasingly gaining ground. In order to determine their position, compare it internationally and monitor the development on a regular basis, BAK Economics has launched its own projects:
Life Sciences
The life science industry has demonstrated its global potential in recent years. With the project «Monitoring Life Sciences Locations», BAK analyzes framework conditions and development of life sciences locations.
Technology sector
It is only when the Swiss technology centers are able to maintain their productivity that the high wage position can be justified. The «Monitoring Technology Locations» project compares the Swiss technology center with the (inter) national competition.
With the «Monitoring Financial Centres» project, BAK examines the key determinants of the financial sector in comparison with the most important (inter) national competitors.
Tourism is a high priority in Switzerland. Especially in peripheral regions, tourism places jobs and income in these often structurally weak areas. The various tourism studies include studies on the importance of tourism, its economic performance and international competitiveness, tourism forecasts as well as structural and economic policy issues.


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