Construction industry

Economic and demographic environment
Analysis of the most important macroeconomic and demographic factors.

Detailed forecasts by main building
Taking into account relevant indicators and influencing factors, real construction investments are analyzed and projected for the following types of construction: - separately for new buildings, reconstruction and renovations:

1.1Educational facilities
1.2Public housing
1.3Other infrastructure
2.1Family houses
2.2Apartment buildings
3.Industrial buildings
3.1Commercial buildings
3.2Administrative buildings
3.3Hotels, Restaurants
3.4Factories, workshops
3.6Agricultural buildings
3.7Other buildings

In the case of residential buildings, a forecast of the newly constructed apartments is also separated according to single and multi-family houses. All forecasts extend over a period of 6 years.

Detailed regional forecasts
As the volume of construction varies considerably in the individual regions, detailed information is provided on individual parts of the country. The three types of building construction infrastructure, residential and commercial buildings for the following regions are separately analyzed and projected:

  • Bassin Lémanique: Genève, Vaud
  • Espace Mittelland: Bern, Solothurn, Neuchâtel, Friborg, Jura
  • Basel: Basel-City, Basel-Landschaft
  • Zurich / Aargau: Zurich, Aargau, Germany
  • Central Switzerland: Lucerne, Zug, Schwyz, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Uri
  • Eastern Switzerland: St.Gallen, Thurgau, Appenzell Innerhoden, Appenzell Ausserhoden, Glarus, Schaffhausen
  • Southern Switzerland: Graubünden, Valais, Ticino

Data supply and special requests are available upon request.

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The BAK Economics «Hochbauprognose» publication provides detailed background information, data and forecasts on the Swiss construction industry.

Contents of the publication

  • Forecast horizons six years
  • Construction investments are analyzed for new construction, conversion and renovation for infrastructure, residential and business buildings
  • Detailed regional evaluation of the main building types
  • Graphics on the historical development of cantonal building investment as well as current cantonal indicators (authorizations and requests) in the appendix

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The publication was published in the beginning of September 2018.
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