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Monitoring Technology Locations

Switzerland can only maintain its high wage position in the world if it can also keep up the productivity gap with the rest of the world. The highly technological sectors of the Swiss branch of the industry, such as machinery, electrical, metal, watches, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, communications, energy, informatics - contribute a great deal to the Swiss economy as a whole. Measured in terms of export value, technology is by far the most important: the machine, electrical, metal, vehicle, precision instrumentation and watchmaking industries account for more than 50 per cent of Swiss exports.
A central element of the outstanding productivity development of the technology industries in Switzerland is the maintenance and expansion of technological performance. The implementation of technological potential in new markets and growth depends in particular on the global framework, but also on the specific location factors, strategic focus and well-thought-out cluster formation. With the «Monitoring Technology Locations» project, BAK Economics compiles the Swiss technology cluster and compares it with competing technologies.

Technology Location Switzerland in International Comparison

With the International Benchmarking Database, BAK has at its disposal a database with data on value added, work volume, the number of employed persons and thus also productivity for the various sub-sectors of the technology sector of a regional economy.
The success stories of Switzerland as a technology location include the life sciences industry (pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries, medical technology), the precision industry/micromechanics and electronics, and the watchmaking industry. In order to meet the information, analysis and argumentation needs of Switzerland as a technology location and its regions, it is therefore essential to calculate and analyse the relevant NACE sectors at a deeper level.

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