Tourism benchmarking
The aim of the benchmarking studies is to analyze the success and international competitiveness of tourist regions and destinations. They identify the specific factors enabling the success of the tourist locations investigated, carrying out analyses of strengths and weaknesses and setting out guidelines for development.
Impact studies
Using an economic impact model, the significance of the tourist economy as a whole, an individual project or a tourist business for the regional economy is investigated. The added value and employment effects generated by tourist demand are assessed and analyzed.
Tourism forecasts
BAK Economics prepares forecasts for tourist regions based on statistical and economic models. Thanks to incorporation into the theoretical model of BAK, it is possible to draw up and implement detailed and sound economic forecasts for the tourism sector.
Economic policy and structural analyses
Economic policy and structural analysis are based on empirical investigations and provide answers to economic and political issues specific to tourism. Work is focused on analyses on regional, national and international level that are specific to a given industry and/or economic area.

BAK Destinations-Monitor
The «BAK DESTINATIONSmonitor®» allowes a simple yet extensive and graphically pleasing international tourism-benchmarking. With this tool, destinations and regions can initiate a continuous and independent benchmarking process, identify their strenghts and weaknesses and improve their competitiveness.

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