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The OPENCities Project identified the link between migration and economic growth and showed that openness is indeed measureable. Demonstrating the results of the OPENCities Project, the OPENCities Monitor is a new city benchmark developed by BAK Economics on behalf of the British Council.

The OPENCities Monitor is a working tool to measure city openness, defined as „the capacity of a city to attract international populations and to enable them to contribute to the future success of the city”. To measure the multi-dimensional phenomenon openness, the OPENCities Monitor includes 54 internationally comparable indicators, aggregated into 11 areas:


  • Migration
  • Freedom
  • Barriers of entry
  • Quality of living
  • International presence
  • Education
  • International flows
  • Infrastructure
  • International Events
  • Standard of living
  • Diversity Actions

And grouped into three policy themes: Internationalisation, Leadership & Governance and Managing diversity.

The OPENCities Monitor provides access to city profiles, several benchmarking opportunities and best-practice examples. Overall, cities receive an immediate and easy to use insight of their strengths and weaknesses how open they are and advise to improve their policies towards openness and diversity.

OPENCities Monitor
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At the present, 26 cities are included the OPENCities Monitor Project. We are currently inviting new cities to join the OPENCities Monitor project. The goal is to include over 100 cities worldwide.

Please contact us for detailed information on how to join the OPENCities Monitor.


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