Location Factors

Which factors are decisive in choosing a location?

Based on the results of a company survey, BAK developed various sets of indicators for measuring the site attractiveness

With increasing globalization, the accessibility of a location is increasingly influencing its attractiveness for internationally active companies and institutions. BAK measures and compares the global and continental as well as the regional and intraregional accessibility of regions.

For high-wage locations, continuous innovation is the engine for development to a knowledge-based and sustainable competitive economy. BAK has a model that makes regional innovation capacity measurable through various indicators.

Quality of Life
The availability of highly qualified workforce is a key factor for the international competitiveness of locations and regions. BAK therefore examines the attractiveness of metropolitan regions for highly qualified workers on the basis of various individual factors in the areas of economy, society and the environment.

Deciding whether a company is launching new products or creating new jobs in one country depends, among others, on the extent to which the economy is regulated. With the indicators on product and labor market regulation, BAK makes the degree of regulation internationally comparable.

In order to underline subjective estimates of the tax burden from different locations with objective data, BAK uses the Devereux / Griffith method to measure the effective tax burden on companies and highly qualified employees. The «BAK Taxation Index», published twice, contains indicators and analyzes for regions and countries. 

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