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Stockholm economically strongest region, ahead of London and Zurich

BAK Press Release: BAK Economic Potential Index

According to the BAK Economic Potential Index 2017, Stockholm is the region with the highest economic potential, followed by Greater London and Zurich. Among the top ten leading regions, there are three Scandinavian capital regions and six Swiss regions. They are characterised by a high economic performance as well as by substantial productivity advantages of their export industries. Zurich is the most attractive region throughout Europe. But while there is good economic potential in Central and Northern European regions, the Southern and Eastern regions are less competitive. However, the Eastern regions, especially Poland, have shown very promising dynamics during the last ten years due to their economic progress. The Southern European regions, most notably Spain, have significantly improved their attractiveness. The yearly BAK Economic Potential Index Report is published for the first time by BAK Economics and analyses 200 metropolitan and larger regions throughout Europe.

Press Release

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