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BAK Economics AG (BAK) is an independent Swiss economic research institute which produces comprehensive economic studies and makes their results usable for politics, business and society.

Why BAK: Unique data basis for better classifications and decisions

Economic analyses and the consulting based on them are an essential part of political, entrepreneurial and social decision-making. BAK creates added value precisely for questions in these areas. BAK accompanies the client in his questions with well-founded analyses, tailor-made consulting and target group-oriented communication of all developed information.

Exclusive BAK database

BAK Economics has been operating a uniform and consistent international database for economic industry and regional analyses, which is unique in terms of its comprehensive level of detail and the number of countries and regions covered. In addition, BAK has a unique Swiss regional database that allows all relevant industries to be delimited and analysed on a community-specific basis. The uniqueness of the BAK database lies in the fact that, in addition to labour market-related data, it also contains economic performance indicators such as gross value added or productivity on a community-specific basis for industries.

BAK model architecture

On the basis of the regional model, BAK develops industry-specific forecasts at the regional level. Various regional economic information as well as indicators are included in the modelling. An important quality feature of the regional economic data is its integration into the overall model architecture, which ensures that the regional economic forecasts are consistent with the higher-level (national) industry forecasts. The hierarchy of models follows a top-down approach that can best be described as from large (multi-country model) to small (community models). This ensures on the one hand that as much region-specific information as possible is being used at each geographical level and on the other hand that consistency across all geographical and sectoral aggregate levels is guaranteed.

Strategy support - professional support in strategic as well as operational procedures incl. well-founded classification of market developments

BAK's analyses focus on macroeconomic, regional and industry-specific issues on an empirical and quantitative basis. These include macroeconomic forecasts and scenarios, regional analyses and industry studies, impact analyses (Economic Footprint) and studies in the field of public finances. BAK also measures regional location quality and competitiveness (BAK Regional Economic Database) and prepares well-founded strategic bases for action on the basis of international benchmarking analyses.

BAK supports and advises clients in client-oriented communication and thus enables the communication of the elaborated results in the most effective way - be it through pointed presentations, specially created websites or conferences.

Independent since 1980

BAK was founded in 1980 as the "Basler Arbeitsgruppe für Konjunkturforschung (BAK)", a spin-off of the University of Basel. Since 1987, the economic research institute has had the legal form of a stock company under Swiss law and is economically, politically and scientifically independent.

A scientific advisory board accompanies BAK with regard to methodology and model development and promotes cooperation with universities and research partners. BAK cooperates with Swiss research institutions (WWZ of the University of Basel, ETH Zurich, ETH Lausanne) as well as with international partners (Council of Europe, Oxford Economics, ZEW Mannheim).

The mixture of knowledge company and economic research institute makes BAK a unique company that has established and asserted itself on the market through its qualitative work and great experience.