The mixture of knowledge company, economic research company and business cycle research institute makes BAK a unique enterprise, which has established and established itself on the market through its qualitative work and great experience.

Scientifically sound consulting for business, politics and society characterizes our services. BAK positions itself at the interface between science and practice. Just as sound scientific methods are the basis of our work, the practical application of our research is of central importance. The high acceptance of our studies in politics is based on the scientific reputation of BAK Economics AG. On the other hand, it is based on the fact that the focus and presentation of our research is geared to the practicability of the knowledge gained. We thus guarantee our clients projects of high scientific quality that can be directly used for the strategic process and corporate decisions.

The proven range of services offered by BAK includes macroeconomic, regional and industry-specific questions on an empirical and quantitative basis, which are the focus of our analyses. These include macroeconomic forecasts and scenarios, regional analyses and sector studies, impact analyses (Economic Footprints) and studies in the field of public finance.