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Our Team

Company Management

Matthias Pfister


Michael Grass

Head of Sector and Impact Analysis


  • Balli Miriam, responsible for QA
  • Bella Luca, Data & models
  • Bill-Körber Alexis, Head of Macro Research
  • Burkhard Julian, Sector analysis
  • Cecak Ondrej, Informatics
  • Emmenegger Mark, Sector analysis
  • Flury Simon, Sector analysis
  • Geiger Rosita, Head of administration
  • Hugenschmidt Louisa, COO and Head of Data & models
  • Kunnert Andrea, Sector analysis
  • Perumal Divya, Data & models
  • Resbeut Mathieu, Dr. , Sector analysis
  • Rossi Valentina, Communication
  • Saikrishnan Sai, Sector analysis
  • Scacchi Raphaël, Regions and Data
  • Schultze Sebastian, Sector analysis
  • Strittmatter Niklaus, Data & models
  • Tronu Marco, Data & models
  • Wagner Andrea, Dr. , Head of Regions


  • Jan Bergmann

Governing Board

  • Marc Bros de Puechredon, Chairman of the Board
  • Michèle Kottelat, Board member

Scientific Advisory Council

  • Urs Müller, Prof. Dr. , Professor of Economics, Universitiy of Basel
  • Peter Stadler, Ex Professor University of Zurich & ETH Zurich
  • Peter Kugler, Prof. em. Dr. , Professor of Economics, Universitiy of Basel
  • Rolf Scheufele, Deputy Head of the Organisational Unit "Forecasts and Analyses Switzerland", Swiss National Bank