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Strategy Consulting with the BAK Strategy Compass

Together with the company, we create a holistic and effective strategy or review the current strategy. Using simple and effective models, we identify the relevant success factors as part of the strategy consulting and ensure that the strategy is communicated simply and clearly to all target groups.

Your benefit

Effective strategy for a successful future

With our BAK Consulting product "Strategy Compass" we identify the right strategy for a successful future or review the current strategy and make it fit.

Identify customer needs

We identify the current and future customer needs for the business and from this the potential for a successful future.

Optimal positioning

We identify the optimal strategic positioning and integrate the impact into the business model. 

Professional communication

We accompany the client from the creation of the new business plan to the communication with all relevant target groups.

Strategic support

Professional support in strategic as well as operational processes including well-founded classification of market developments.

Our offer - BAK Strategy Compass

With our consulting product "BAK Strategy Compass" we review or develop together the (current) vision & strategy, identify the relevant customer needs and create an internal company analysis as well as an external environment analysis. We then identify the optimal strategic positioning and embed the effects in the business model (create options, clearly formulate strategic goals, USP and value proposition).

We then draw up a business plan, implement the strategy together and communicate it clearly and simply to your stakeholders (including management, employees, customers and shareholders) with a professional communication concept. Through our pragmatic approach, we quickly achieve effective results and a high level of customer satisfaction.