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Impact Analysis

In the domain of the Economic Footprint, BAK offers model-based impact analyses of economic activities, events or circumstances on the (regional) national economy. Studies in the market field of economic impact analyses also focus on the communicative benefit for the client. Often, it is about questions that are raised in public and political discussions.

Your benefit

Strategic support

Professional support in strategic as well as operational processes including well-founded classification of market developments.

Back up your added value with numbers

Our impact analysis makes the effective impact of your company / major project or your sector visible for the regional economy.

External communication

With the impact analysis of BAK you are able to demonstrate the economic benefits of your company / project or your sector.

Point out positive side effects

Who benefits from your company / project or your industry and to what extent?

Foresight and data consistency

Thanks to our database you can combine your business basis with macroeconomic data.

Overview of services

BAK Analytical approach

All forecasts and analyses are based on the following model architecture.

What is measured?

Comprehensive statements about the effective overall importance of an industry for an economy can only be made if the indirect effects are taken into account in addition to the direct effects.

Directly measurable economic effects are, for example:

  • Value added 
  • Income
  • Employment

Additional indirect effects arise...

  • through a value-creating demand triggered in other sectors
  • through income, profits and taxes that are generated as a result of the sector's activities, as soon as these are reintroduced into the economic cycle (also called induced effects)

How is it measured?

The quantification of indirect economic effects is carried out with the help of so-called input-output models which make visible the interconnectedness in an economy between resources (labour, capital and imports), industries and usage (consumption, investments and exports). They show what kind of gross value added, employment or income can effectively, i.e. directly and indirectly, be attributed to the economic activity of, for example, an industry. Depending on the nature of the entire value chain and sectoral interdependencies, the effective economic effect can be significantly higher than immediately apparent from a purely partial view of the sector. Neglecting these indirect effects may therefore lead to a considerably distorted perception of the importance of a sector. The impact analysis can be carried out to quantify the economic importance of industries as well as specific demand impulses.