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Economic Importance of Industries

The impact analysis of an industry shows its economic significance and its economic effects on the region or national economy. With the help of comprehensive databases and detailed models, BAK creates an economic analysis of the economic footprint of any industry on the region/economy of your choice.

Your benefit

Strategic support

Professional support in strategic as well as operational processes including well-founded classification of market developments.

Back up your added value with numbers

Our impact analysis makes the effective impact of your industry visible for the regional economy.

Pointing out positive side effects

Analysis of who benefits from your project and to which extend.

External communication

With BAK's Impact Analysis you are able to demonstrate the economic benefits of your industry.

Vision and data consistency

Thanks to our database, you can combine your business management basis with macroeconomic data.

Our offer - Estimation of the importance of an industry for the region

Comprehensive statements about the effective overall importance of an industry for the national economy can only be made if the indirect effects are taken into account in addition to the direct effects. The quantification of indirect economic effects is carried out with the help of so-called input-output models which visualise the interdependence of an economy from resources (labour, capital and imports) to industry interdependence to use (consumption, investments and exports). They show which gross value added, employment and income can effectively, i.e. directly and indirectly, be attributed to the economic activity of a project. The impact analysis can be carried out to quantify the economic significance of large-scale projects as well as specific demands.