Public finances

The public finance market segment includes forecasts, risk analyzes, evaluations, analyzes to support the development of the financial strategy, as well as factual advice in the area of ​​financial policy issues.
In the public finance sector, central competencies of BAK Economics can be combined: model-based forecasts and risk analyzes, data-based evaluation techniques, regional-specific deepening and implementation-oriented inputs for the cantonal financial strategy.

Successful financial policy is based on adequate information
BAK supports you in your financial policy decision-making process. We deliver scientifically sound information (indicators, forecasts, analyzes and presentations) tailored to your needs. We support you with the aim of improving your knowledge about the relevant environment and integrating the conclusions reached into your work process.

With its comprehensive range of instruments, BAK can provide support in many financial policy issues. Our analyzes, forecasts and simulations serve as input in the preparation of budgets and financial planning and their monitoring.

In addition, BAK offers a variety of «back-office services», which assist you in the provision of data, data analysis and the regular provision of standard chart sets for lectures. Another area of ​​activity of BAK in the area of ​​public finances is the preparation of scientific opinions or public presentations on financial policy issues.

BAK Economics Model Philosophy
Financial models are an integral part of the BAK model world. This ensures, on the one hand, that forecasts for the development of income and expenses are always consistent with the current global, macro and regional economic conditions expected by BAK. On the other hand, the model can be used to carry out consistent scenario analyzes, such as the size of the financial budget depending on various global, macro or regional scenarios.


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