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Fiscal Policy Reports

BAK offers the financial assessment of budgeting qualities and fiscal policy benchmarks as part of an expert opinion. In this way, the canton's own financial strategy can be questioned and optimised efficiently and sustainably with competent support.

Your benefit

Strategic support

Professional support in strategic as well as operational processes including well-founded classification of regional and market developments.

Secure your financial strategy

Through an assessment with economic analyses and forecasts

Increasing efficiency and effectiveness

Basis for a long-term sustainable development of the cantonal public finances

Our offer - Fiscal policy report

In a first step, BAK develops an evaluation grid, which is used for the evaluation of publicly available statistics on financial policy in a second step.
The delivery, which takes place in the form of a report or a workshop, also includes a competitor analysis as well as the overall assessment, a synthesis of all the elements mentioned and its qualitative classification and benchmarks for possible further developments.