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Green Technologies - Analysis of regional Innovation

BAK defines Green Technologies as all environmentally friendly technologies that increase energy efficiency, reduce resource and energy consumption, reduce pollution and enable a more sustainable economy. This includes all environmentally friendly technologies that are used, for example, in the areas of renewable energies, energy storage and smart grids, environmentally friendly transport, water treatment and recycling.

Your benefit

Strategy support

Professional support in strategic as well as operational processes incl. well-founded classification of regional and market developments

Achieve your goals

Monitor your climate targets with the help of Green Technologies analysis

Measure innovation capability

With the new analysis approach of BAK, innovation can be identified, evaluated and compared

Create long-term success

Remain competitive and operate sustainably in the long term

Our offer

In the wake of advancing climate change, committed measures to protect the environment are necessary. The demand for "green" products, processes and services will thus continue to increase in the coming years. Companies must operate more sustainably in order to remain competitive, as in the future products from all industries will have to be measured by their energy balance. For the regions, therefore, the promotion of innovative capability in the area of green technologies plays an increasingly important role. At this point, BAK Economics can support regional location policy with data bases and analyses and has developed a new analysis approach based on patent data which makes the innovation dynamics in green tech clusters precisely identifiable and (internationally) comparable.

An overview of the available individual Green Tech technologies can be seen here: 

Together with the Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI), BAK Economics has developed a new approach to patent evaluation that, in contrast to conventional patent analyses, enables a qualitative assessment of patents and thus allows a focused evaluation of innovation performance in the field of cutting-edge research. The top ten percent of patents in each technology are defined as "world class". The database can be evaluated both by region and at the level of individual companies.