BAK Economics develops tailor-made analyses and forecasts and provides a basis for decision-making in political and economic areas. BAK Economics specialises in the following six areas:


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Regions Switzerland

The improvement of economic performance and competitiveness and the competition between locations for high-quality jobs and attractive taxpayers present cantons and business locations with major challenges. Challenges of this kind require needs-oriented economic policy strategies based on a solid analytical foundation. Defining an economic area, recognising its strengths and weaknesses and providing advice on efforts to improve the economic environment and performance are some of BAK's core competencies. BAK also prepares economic forecasts for Swiss regions, simulates and forecasts the development of public budgets, measures the effectiveness of regional policy projects and the economic significance of a political measure or industry.
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Regions International

Globalisation and decentralisation have intensified competition between regions and pose new challenges for economic policy makers. Based on extensive databases and comprehensive models, BAK Economics investigates economic issues that are burning under the nails of the regions.
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Business Consulting

BAK Economics offers Economic Intelligence tailor-made for companies. Base your strategy and risk decisions on our many years of experience with economic issues and our forecasts. The fast and intelligent analysis and evaluation of the relevant information offers a decisive competitive advantage. We reduce complexity, provide a basis for decision-making and provide orientation in uncertain times.
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Industry-specific influences are an important factor for the development of companies. These are industry-specific forecasts and risk analyses or the influence of structural relationships or economic policy framework conditions. In addition to the ongoing analysis of key sectors from the export sector and large domestic sectors, model-based forecasts are prepared for all statistically recorded sectors. The broad model and analysis infrastructure also serves as a starting point for in-depth analyses of company-specific issues and the development of solutions for companies.
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Public Finances

The area of public finance comprises forecasts, risk analyses, evaluations, analyses to support the development of the financial strategy as well as fact-based consulting in the field of financial policy issues. BAK Economics combines its core competencies here: Model-based forecasts and risk analyses, data-based evaluation techniques, region-specific in-depth studies and implementation-oriented inputs for cantonal financial strategy.
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Economic Footprint

Model-based analysis of the effects of economic activities, events or facts on the (regional) economy. A broad spectrum of methods is used in economic impact analysis. In the field of economic impact analyses, the communicative benefit for the customer is also in the foreground, as these are often questions that are raised in public and political discussions.
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