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Sound analyses - foundations and arguments for your decisions

With a steadily growing availability of data, their interpretation is also of increasing significance. An objective classification of facts and figures is indispensable for a location analysis or a regional benchmarking. BAK Economics draws on over 40 years of experience in economic analysis and supports and advises clients in the development of a sustainable location strategy.

Your benefit

Municipality level data

Compile the region to be analysed from all Swiss municipalities & benefit from the most comprehensive regional database in Switzerland.

Identify strengths & weaknesses

Find out the most relevant location factors for your region & how to exploit their potential.

Evidence Based Decision Making

Act fact-based with well-founded analyses and forecasts!

Recognising and exploiting potential

Identify your potential using forecast indicators and analyses with the BAK models & integrate this into your work processes with our help.

Our offer

The regional portrait describes the functional economic area based on its industry structure, its economic framework conditions and also its development potential. The analyses are prepared attractively and comprehensibly through visualisations and well-founded interpretations. 

The analysis is based on many important key figures, such as value added, GDP, employment, productivity, detailed industry data and location factors. The regional delimitation can be defined functionally, as BAK Economics has very small-scale data (for Switzerland down to the municipal level) and can thus aggregate and analyse any agglomeration or functional region.

BAK Economics supports clients in the definition of functional regions and the indicators and sectors to be analysed.

BAK Economics supports not only Swiss and international regions with regional analyses, but also individual municipalities based on the estimation of Swiss municipal GDP from the BAK Regional Model :

  • The socio-economic portrait of a municipality describes the municipality in terms of its economic strength, industry structure and demographic development.  Macroeconomic data is available historically (the last decade), the current level, but also for the future (forecasts). Furthermore, it is possible to take a closer look at the financial aspects of the municipality (revenues, expenditures, fiscal aspects and simulations, structural deficits).
  • Consulting: The analyses prepared by BAK Economics are particularly well suited as a starting point for the elaboration of municipal development strategies. In this sense, the results of the macroeconomic portrait can serve as a basis for identifying a municipality's current strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats for its possible future development within the framework of a SWOT analysis. Furthermore, BAK Economics accompanies municipalities in the organisation and implementation of participatory workshops for strategy development.
  • Communication support: BAK Economics also supports municipalities in terms of communication in order to optimally communicate the results of the preceding analysis and consulting phases, among other things. The communication services are elaborated according to the specific needs of the client and include: Presentations, infographics, illustrated reports, short explanatory videos, public presentations, etc.).

How does the selected region position itself in international comparison? In which fields of action does it need to become active in order to increase its attractiveness? BAK Economics' international benchmarking analyzes the economic performance, economic structure and location attractiveness of a business location in comparison to neighbouring regions and the most important international competitor regions. BAK Economics supports clients in the selection of benchmarking regions, focusing on regions with comparable size, economic structure or geographical location. 

How well-positioned is your region for the future in the global economy?


The Economic Potential Index shows you how well-established your region is in the international competition for economic locations. It provides an international comparison, shows strengths and weaknesses in your region and thus offers initial indications of the fields of action in which a region must become active in order to be prepared for the future.

A region with high economic potential is characterised by successful development, the ability to attract highly qualified human capital and companies and to retain existing resources, and by a sustainable and competitive economic structure.


Scope of analysis

  • Some 26 indicators that provide information on a region's economic performance, attractiveness and competitiveness, 
  • Comparison with the sample average (regions in Europe and the USA)

The analyses are available as a scoreboard, chart book or study.