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Future Technologies - Measurement, Analysis & Evaluation


Technical progress is an important driver of competitiveness and prosperity. For this reason, BAK together with the Swiss Patent Office has developed a globally unique approach that allows the concrete measurement, analysis and evaluation of the research and technology activities of all companies, regions and countries in a global comparison. This makes it possible to clearly show who is active and good at future technologies.


Your benefit

Strategy support

Professional support in strategic as well as operational processes incl. well-founded classification of regional and market developments

BAK Cutting Edge Technologies

Consistent definition and classification of over 60 future technologies

Class instead of mass

The research quality (especially world-class research) is at the centre of this analysis

Measuring innovation where it happens

Precisely allocated innovation, differentiating from the global view through to the individual company

Technologies instead of industries

Structural changes due to technological progress are visible more quickly with technology portfolios

Integrated technology

The technology combinations with the best results and the role of cross-sectional technologies

Overview of services

BAK analytical approach

The BAK analysis approach calculates research performance where it effectively takes place and focuses on truly relevant world-class research. The result is the concrete innovative power of a region. The differentiation of innovative capability by technology allows the creation of well-founded regional technology profiles and enables a comprehensive comparison with national and international competitor and reference regions. For example, it is thus possible to compare the Munich Metropolitan Region with Zurich, Silicon Valley, Bangalore and Seoul in terms of their activities in the "Internet of Things" or in "Artificial Intelligence".

The BAK Technology Database is the basis for the analysis of technologies at the regional and country level. Together with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI), BAK has developed a research approach that allows the measurement, analysis and evaluation of research and technology activities by companies and regions in an international comparison.

Most studies analyse patent applications. However, patent applications fluctuate quite strongly from year to year in many technologies. BAK on the other hand, uses so-called active patents. In addition to current patent applications for which the approval procedure is still ongoing, these also include applications from earlier years that have been approved and are still active, i.e. the annual patent fees continue to be paid. Active patents thus better represent the actual technology base of a region than patent applications.

All patents are evaluated to focus on relevant world-class research. Desinated as world-class patents are thereby the top 10 per cent per technology of the fifty most research-intensive countries in the world. The patent rating is determined through a combination of internal and external evaluations:

Understanding and improving your region/industry

In which future technologies are the companies and research institutions of your region active and where are the starting points for strategic action?

Innovation usually takes place decentrally at company level. It is the result of strategic entrepreneurial decisions about the use of various production factors. From a regional economic policy perspective, activities to promote and support enterprises therefore focus on providing an innovation-friendly environment with attractive framework conditions. From a technological perspective, this means:

Playing to existing strengths more effectively - networking the region

Which combinations of technologies lead to better research results? Are there interdisciplinary technologies that lead to better results on a overall level? With this information, you can stimulate cooperations between companies in different industries and make well-founded arguments.

Present concrete technological strengths - communicate the region

With the technology profile of your region, the presentation of its dynamics and thus the demonstrated competence in future technologies, you have new and strong arguments for your economic region at your disposal. Convince interested investors and companies with this new technology-driven perspective. In addition to your region, technology profiles of competitor and reference regions can also be developed.

Closing technological gaps - completing the region

Furthermore, the new technology approach allows a concrete identification of technology-driven companies worldwide. Individual technology profiles can be created and the technological focus can be identified for all companies. With this approach, companies that fit the technological profile of your region can be identified worldwide while they are looking for an attractive technological environment. Companies that can fill specific gaps in the technology profile of your region can be recognised likewise.