Technology Analysis

Innovative power rethought and analyzed

Technical progress is an important guarantee for competitiveness and prosperity. BAK has therefore developed a unique approach to the world, which allows for the first time the concrete measurement, analysis and evaluation of the research and technology activities of all companies, regions and countries in a worldwide comparison. This clearly shows who is active and well in future technologies.

BAK future technologies - these technologies are changing the world

Consistent definition and demarcation of over 40 future technologies (Smart City, Smart Grid, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Quantum Computing and many more)

Class instead of mass - world class research instead of research effort

Research quality, and especially world class research, is the focus of the analysis.

Innovation wherever it takes place - The precise view of the region

From a global perspective, through countries, metropolitan regions to the individual company differentiated according to different research locations, innovation is precisely assigned.

Technologies instead of sectors - «how is produced» instead of «what is produced»

Structural changes through technological progress at company level and at regional level are more visible with technology portfolios.

Research interlacing - which technology mix leads to better results

For the first time, it can be shown which technology combinations and which research collaborations lead to better results.

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