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Retail Trade - Forecasts & Analyses

Since 1980 BAK Economics has specialised in analysing industries and regions using empirical methods. Since the beginning retail trade has been one of the key industries analysed in Switzerland.

Your benefit

Strategic support

Professional support in strategic as well as operational processes including well-founded classification of market developments.

Recognising and using market potential

Based on forecast ratios and analyses with the BAK models.

Planning security for budgeting

The quarterly forecasts provide an overall view of the industry with the most important influencing factors. Additional forecasts on price developments complete the offer.

Our offer

As a modern chart set with brief commentaries, the retail trade perspectives provide a timely overview of the overall market development in the Swiss retail trade, the key macro drivers and, derived from these, forecasts for the most important product groups. In addition, consumer sentiment, the importance of the retail trade as part of Swiss consumption and the ongoing structural change in the industry are also observed and analysed.

Do you run a retail business and want to adapt your corporate strategy to the current macroeconomic currents? Then you have come to the right place!
Our forecast of your sales development serves you as a perfect corporate tool for defining strategic directions.

On request BAK Economics offers analyses at regional level. For example indicators can be used to estimate the development of market potential in the various regions.

In times of great uncertainty it is necessary to consider different courses of the economic, political and social future. With model-based analyses of various plausible scenarios we are happy to contribute to optimising your entrepreneurial planning security.

Need more information about the Swiss retail trade? The structural analyses of BAK Economics take into account further economic policy factors according to your wishes. They serve as a factual basis as well as a basis for argumentation in the debate on the development and importance of the sector and its framework conditions.

With the experience we have gained, we support companies in the retail trade industry in the preparation of a fact-based analysis and advice on the foundation of wage negotiations.

In the domain of the Economic Footprint, BAK offers model-based impact analyses of economic activities, events or circumstances on the (regional) national economy. Studies in the market field of economic impact analyses also focus on the communicative benefit for the client. Often, it is about questions that are raised in public and political discussions.