Regional analysis

Structural analysis, benchmarking and forecasts for economic regions

At the center of the question is a «region», in other words, a geographical unit. A «region» may include all types of geographic units. This can include the whole of Europe to countries and cantons at the municipal level. Regions are a market field for which BAK Economics has been well-known for a long time as well as for the wide range of products and services. 

Improving economic performance and competitiveness presents major challenges for cantons and economic centers. The location competition for high-quality jobs and attractive taxpayers is intensifying. Successful positioning requires extensive investments in high-quality infrastructures and first-class framework conditions.Challenges of this kind require solution-oriented economic policy strategies, based on a solid analytical foundation. This is precisely where BAK begins.

Defining an economic space, recognizing its strengths and weaknesses, and assisting in efforts to improve economic conditions and efficiency are among the core competencies of BAK. For Swiss regions, BAK also produces economic forecasts, simulates and forecasts the development of public budgets, measures the effectiveness of regional policy projects, the economic significance of a political measure or an industry.

Swiss economic regions
More information about the performance and structural analyzes and forecasts for Swiss economic regions.

International regions
More information on benchmarking, structural analysis and consulting services for regions.

Mehr Informationen über die Performance- und Strukturanalysen und Prognosen für Schweizer Wirtschaftsregionen.

Mehr Informationen über Benchmarking, Strukturanalysen und Beratungsdienstleistungen für Regionen.