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Commissioned Study - An Answer to your Question

BAK Economics has been conducting commissioned studies since 1980 using a variety of methods. The focus is on regional, industry and technology analysis as well as public finances. However, BAK offers each industry individual answers to the respective questions.

Your benefit

Strategic support

Professional support in strategic as well as operational processes including well-founded classification of developments

Sound answer to your question

The studies conducted by BAK are based on the model architecture, which allows for in-depth data analyses

Results with high scientific quality

Extensive scientific and methodological basis

Practice-oriented preparation of studies

Use in the strategic process and for business decisions

BAK analytical approach

All forecasts and analyses are based on the following model architecture.

BAK model architecture

On the basis of the regional model, BAK develops industry-specific forecasts at the regional level. Various regional economic information as well as indicators are included in the modelling. An important quality feature of the regional economic data is its integration into the overall model architecture, which ensures that the regional economic forecasts are consistent with the higher-level (national) industry forecasts. The hierarchy of models follows a top-down approach that can best be described as from large (multi-country model) to small (community models). This ensures on the one hand that as much region-specific information as possible is being used at each geographical level and on the other hand that consistency across all geographical and sectoral aggregate levels is guaranteed.