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MEM Industry - Analyses & Consulting

Since 1980 BAK Economics has specialised in analysing industries and regions using a variety of methods. With the experience gained we support the preparation of a fact-based analysis and advice for the MEM industry.

Your benefit

Recognising and using market potential

Learn more about your growth markets and the key technologies of the future for greater operational efficiency.

Classification of the framework conditions

How do changes in the economic and political framework conditions in your sales markets affect the sales development of your company?

Identify risks in time

Clarity on various uncertainties affecting your business, more efficient risk management and entrepreneurial resilience.

Strategic support

Professional support in strategic as well as operational processes including well-founded classification of market developments.

Our offer

The most important and relevant key figures on the structure and development of the MEM industries at regional, national and international level. The data is updated on a quarterly basis.

The Global MEM-Monitor provides all facts about the industry bundled at any time.

  • Current classification of the industry (indicators)

  • Current perspective in the economic cycle (economic forecast)

  • Orientation: long-term perspective (structural forecast)

  • Background information (macroeconomic environment)

We set up an individual risk monitor for you that takes into account the relevant aspects of your company and your industry. Our data models ensure the consistency of all economic variables. The data is updated on a quarterly basis.

We combine your business data with our economic data. The result gives you a solid basis of the status quo for better decisions.

The industry portrait can contain two components. On the one hand, Switzerland divided into regions and, on the other hand, a region in focus. The level of detail and definition of the region will be specified in a conversation.

With the experience we have gained, we support companies in the MEM industry in the preparation of a fact-based analysis and advice on the foundation of wage negotiations.

In the domain of the Economic Footprint, BAK offers model-based impact analyses of economic activities, events or circumstances on the (regional) national economy. Studies in the market field of economic impact analyses also focus on the communicative benefit for the client. Often, it is about questions that are raised in public and political discussions.