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Tourism Switzerland - Forecasts & Analyses

Since 1980 BAK Economics has specialised in analysing industries and regions using various methods. Over the years, it has been able to gather in-depth knowledge about tourism in Switzerland and internationally. Within its economic studies BAK Economics produces forecasts and analyses for tourism in Switzerland on both an empirical and quantitative level.

Your benefit

Strategic support

Professional support in strategic as well as operational processes including well-founded classification of regional and market developments.

Measuring Tourism Impact

Unique analysis approach that allows the calculation of the total effects of tourism demand in a regional economy.

Tourism forecasts

Detailed and well-founded forecasts for the tourism industry at destination level for better planning.

Our offer

We accompany destinations in strategy consulting and benchmarking in the field of tourism.

The aim of the benchmarking studies is to analyse the success and international competitiveness of tourism regions and destinations. In doing so the specific success factors of the tourism locations studied are identified, strength/weakness analyses are carried out and development guidelines are pointed out. In addition to various analysis products and consulting services, the «BAK Tourism Intelligence®» is at the centre of this. The online tool enables international benchmarking of destinations and regions. They can compare themselves with an international sample and in this way determine their own strengths and weaknesses.

By means of an economic impact model the importance of the entire tourism industry, a project or a tourism business for the regional economy is examined. The value added and employment effects generated by tourism demand are estimated and analysed.

Based on statistical-economic models, forecasts are made for tourism regions and destinations. Tourism forecasts provide a central basis for decision-making in order to align the tourism sector even more specifically with the new and future challenges of the global market. Thanks to the integration into the model world of BAK Economics, detailed and well-founded economic forecasts for the tourism industry can be developed and implemented.

The «BAK Tourism Intelligence®»  enables simple, comprehensive and graphically appealing international benchmarking of destinations and regions.

The economic policy analyses and structural analyses, based on empirical studies, provide answers to economic and political questions specific to tourism. The focus of the work is on sector and economic area-specific analyses at regional, national and international level.

With the experience we have gained, we support companies in the tourism industry in the preparation of a fact-based analysis and advice on the foundation of wage negotiations.

In the domain of the Economic Footprint, BAK offers model-based impact analyses of economic activities, events or circumstances on the (regional) national economy. Studies in the market field of economic impact analyses also focus on the communicative benefit for the client. Often, it is about questions that are raised in public and political discussions.